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Not all waxing experiences are the same

woman smiling with hair free underarm

“The most pain free wax I've ever had.”

I've been getting waxed for quite a few years and when Sassy Minx started offering waxing I decided to combine all my beauty services with my nail appointments. Not only is it convenient but I was SOOOOO impressed with the efficiency and technique used. There were no missed spots and I didn't have to ask for down below to be done. I can't believe how mild the pain was either.
Nat. R

Pre Wax Preperation

To achieve to best results we need the perfect canvas. 

Please ensure your hair growth is a minimum of 1 cm for best results.

In the week prior to your appointment we highly recommend you begin exfoliating and moisturising your skin. As well hydrated skin will help create a painless experience for you.


We recommend our exfoliating mitt $14.95 & Super Hydrating Body Butter ($9.95) ($17 when purchased together)

Day Of Appointment

The morning of your appointment please give yourself a light exfoliation again and please DO NOT moisturise as it may leave a coating on your skin. 

Where possible please shower at least 1 hour prior to your appointment as the warm water will open up your hair follicles making the hair easier to remove.

Appointment Time

If this is your first waxing experience please let our team know so we can ensure you feel comfortable and know what to expect.

At Sassy Minx we know everybody is different, which is why we have our own, in salon techniques for all body shapes.

Happy plus size women

Your Special Offer

Indulge in our most popular waxing package and enjoy being smooth and hair free this weekend.
❤️ Pre Wax Leg Scrub
❤️ Full Leg Wax
❤️ Bikini Wax
❤️ Ingrown Hair Preventative Treatment
❤️ Soothing Hot Towel Massage
All of this value (normally $126)….. Yours for $77 (save $49)
45 minute treatment time ⏰
*You can upgrade to a full Brazilian for just $29*
woman during a lip wax

“The little touches made a HUGE difference”

I had never had a Brazilian wax before but I was sooooooo sick of shaving, so after chatting with the girls I felt really comfortable to give it a go. The numbing spray eased my anxiety and Chrissy was really lovely and made me feel totally at ease. It didn't hurt anywhere near what I thought it was going to and I am loving the fact my regrowth isn't itchy 😂