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Book Your first tan with us for just $20!

Handcrafted solutions that are perfectly matched to your skin tone. Whether you’re looking for a light natural tan or want to feel like a bronzed Bohemian goddess, we have the exact solution for you.

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“The absolute best spray tan I've ever had.”

It was a really incredible experience for me. The girls made me feel super comfortable and I've never had anyone match my skin tone before. The tan looked amazing and faded so naturally. I can't wait for my next tan.
Chloe H

Pre Tan Preperation

To achieve to best results we need the perfect canvas. 

Please ensure all shaving and/or waxing is done the day prior to your appointment.

In the evening prior to your appointment you need to give yourself a good exfoliation, we recommend our exfoliating mitt $14.95



 Moisturise heavily prior to going to bed.

The best way to moisturise is to leave the skin slightly wet (not dripping but damp), and use the moisturiser along with the water. This will seal the water in with the skin giving an extra moisturising treatment.

Our Body Butter $9.95 is perfect to use before & after your spray tan.

Day Of Appointment

The morning of your appointment please give yourself a light exfoliation again to ensure that all  deodorants, make up, and  moisturisers are off your skin.

We ask you to do this because any product can act as a barrier and stop the tan from fully developing or potentially developing streaky or patchy.

No moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or makeup to be worn before or to appointment.

DO NOT SHOWER less than 3 hours prior to your appointment.

Bring loose fitting clothing to change into after. your tan. 

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Our Spray Tan Menu

Along with our handcrafted solutions we want to ensure a fully customisable experience for you. As a result, we have additional extras you can purchase to customise your spray tan even further for just an extra $15 each or both for $27.

* Full Body Exfoliation

* Moisture Lock Treatment

Please read your appointment confirmation email for full pre tan instructions

Discount applied at checkout

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